Frequently Asked Questions

Here you should be able to find the answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don't see answered here, email us at If it is a question that might be important to share with other clients and volunteers, we will add it to to this list so that everyone can benefit from the information.

Does DEAM help with rent assistance?

No, we do not.  As of 3/17/2021 please visit for information on how to apply for rent relief.
Call United Way 211 First Call for Help for a list of agencies that do assist.

Which Marta bus goes by the DEAM office?

We are located within walking distance of both the Avondale and  Decatur train stations.

How often can I get food from the DEAM pantry?

Clients are able to visit our pantry once a week if needed. Clients have to show proof of residency and SS card each time they visit our DEAM pantry. Appointment is required.

How often can I get help with a utility bill?

Eligible clients can receive help with a utility bill one time in any one month, but the total of DEAM's assistance can not exceed our current maximum. Utility assistance is by phone appointment only.

The phone is always busy or nobody can I make an appointment? 

When we are serving clients we are sometimes unable to answer incoming calls. As long as you get a busy signal, we are taking calls. Once the machine picks up that means we have filled all the appointment slots.

Do I need to bring my doctor's prescription with me to get help with my medicine?

No. In order for DEAM to assist a client with prescription medication, the clients must first turn in the doctor's prescription at their pharmacy. When the client calls DEAM for help, we then call the pharmacy at ask them the exact cost of the prescription so we can write the pharmacy a check for that amount.

How often can I get help with medication?

We can help a client with up to $125 in prescription costs in any one month, however there is a yearly maximum of $250.  Our budget restrictions force us to adhere to a monthly prescription assistance allotment, and once that is exhausted we can no longer assist any clients during that month.

Can I get food at DEAM any day of the week?

DEAM is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. DEAM is closed to clients on Wednesday to accept outside food delivers and restock our pantry.

Are zip codes 30034 and 30035 in the DEAM Service area?

No, both of these zip codes are located OUTSIDE of the DEAM service area. Refer to the Eligibility and Resources list for other organizations that provide services in these areas.

Is Lithonia in the DEAM service area?

No, it is not. St Vincent De Paul has a food pantry at Christ Our Hope Catholic Church in Lithonia. They make appointments on Tuesdays, call 678-892-6163 between 8 and 11 am.

Is Stone Mountain in the DEAM service area?

No, it is not. There is a Stone Mountain Cooperative Ecumenical Ministry located at 5324 West Mountain St. in Stone Mountain. They take calls on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10 and 1:30 pm and on Fridays from 10 til 12 pm

What do I need to bring with me on my first visit to DEAM?

Proof of address and your social security card. If you want to get food for other family members we will need to see their social security cards as well. For children under 18 we will need to see the birth certificates one time and get the number recorded in our system. Proof of address needs to be something recent (utility bill, for example) that came to you through the mail in the last two months.

I'm already in the system, so why do I have to bring proof of address each time I come?

Folks move around and our service area is limited so we have to see a current piece of mail with your name on it, that matches you to an address in our service area, each time you come to DEAM. We also require the social security card be shown each time you visit DEAM.

What streets are the boundaries for the DEAM service area?

Our office is located in downtown Decatur . Our eastern boundary is I-285, our southern boundary is Glenwood Rd, our border to the west is Moreland/Briarcliff and our boundary to the north is LaVista Rd.

Can DEAM help me get my utility service restored if it has already been cut off?

No, DEAM will not provide funds if a client's service has already been terminated.

What if the amount that is past due is more than the amount that DEAM will pay?

The client must be able to pay any difference in past due amount and the amount DEAM is able to pay; otherwise, DEAM will not provide any funds if it would not be sufficient to prevent a service cut-off.

Where can I get help if I am outside DEAM's service area?

Refer to the Eligibility and Resources tab for a list of other organizations that provide a food pantry and or financial services or click HERE.

Does DEAM help with telephone bills?

No. DEAM only provides assistance with electrical, gas and water bills at this time.